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Sunhwa Makes Headlines For Wearing Boots Gifted To Her By Her Former “Husband” Kwanghee—6 Years Ago

Our hearts literally cannot handle this 😍

“Actor K”, Who Allegedly Abandoned His Pregnant Girlfriend, Revealed To Be Actor Go Se Won

He addressed the accusations.

“The Silent Sea” Projected To Be Netflix’s Next Big Hit Following “Squid Game” And “Hellbound”

If you missed Gong Yoo, look no further.

“Street Woman Fighter”‘s Monika Receives Criticism For Saying “Poppin” And Not “Popping”

It all happened because of one letter.

Gong Yoo’s Agency Denies The Actor Went On A “Date” With Taylor Swift — Here’s How The Rumors Began

All it took was one photo.

Kim Jong Kook Confidently “Declares” That He Will Get Married While He’s Still In His 40’s

His friends, however, don’t think it’s possible.

Kim Shin Young Confesses She’s Caught Numerous Idol Couples In A Specific Broadcast Parking Lot

That was the only place they could date in secret.

Canadian Bodybuilder Finally Apologizes For Alleging Kim Jong Kook’s Body Is Enhanced

He claims it was all just an “educated guess.”

Actress Lee Yoo Mi Worked As A Food Delivery Driver Right Before “Squid Game” Exploded In Popularity

Her life completely changed overnight.

TWICE’s Dahyun Proves She Has The Most Perfect Waist-To-Hip Ratio In New Photos

And people still want to argue that God doesn’t have favorites?!