WINNER Danced To Pinoy Hit “Tala” During Philippine Concert, Fans Went Wild

It was the most memorable part of the concert.

WINNER held their Cross Tour in Manila last January 25.


Aside from performing their hit songs from their SOLO album, they also performed the viral sensation “Tala” by Sarah Geronimo.


Seunghoon took up the challenge first, dancing confidently to the deafening cheers of the crowd and teaching his members the point moves.


The entire group then join him in the challenge. They were in sync especially during the chorus, and they had fun the entire time.


Mino then ended the challenge with a special solo B-boy type of dance.

Pinoy INCLEs were undeniably proud.


Even YG Entertainment senior artist Sandara Park only had good things to say about her hoobaes, commending Seunghoon for being a great teacher and saying WINNER as a whole was amazing.

#WinnerCrossTourInManila #Winner #tala #taladancechallenge ang galing galing mo Teacher Seunghoon!!! @maetamong at ang galing ng Winner!!! Ang cute!!! Panalo! Solid!!

– Sandara Park


Check out WINNER’s full performance below!



Source: Youtube