NCTzens Reflect On The Two Very Different Reasons Why NCT DREAM’s Jisung Cried During The Group’s Concerts

Happy tears this time! 🥹

NCT DREAM just completed night one of their two-night concert THE DREAM SHOW 2 and both the fans and group had a great time!

“THE DREAM SHOW 2” concert poster. | SM Entertainment

The concert was initially pushed back from its original date earlier this summer after Mark and Renjun tested positive for COVID-19, so it has been a long time coming! Fans were emotional seeing all of the members together on the stage, but it seems like the members were just as emotional, especially maknae Jisung.

NCT DREAM’s Jisung | @nct_dream/Instagram

Fans recalled that Jisung also emotional during the group’s previous concert, but for a very different reason.

NCT DREAM held their first concert tour as a solo unit in 2019, and while fans were excited to see them perform as a unit, the final night of the Seoul concerts was also extremely sad for both NCTZENs and the group members. At the time, the group’s graduation system was still in place and Mark was not a part of the concert tour because of this.

“THE DREAM SHOW” Tour concert poster. | SM Entertainment

The way the graduation system worked was that when a member turned 20 they would graduate from NCT DREAM and no longer be in the group. All of the members cried during the show because of this, but Jisung seemed to be especially upset at the possibility of no longer performing with all of his hyungs.

Jisung crying during The Dream Show in Seoul in 2019.

Jeno (left) comforting Renjun during The Dream Show in Seoul in 2019.

Fans rallied for a fixed OT7 unit including Mark and thankfully were successful when Mark was added back into the group for their subunit release “Deja Vu” on the NCT full unit album in 2020. Since then all of NCT DREAM’s releases have been seven members!

NCT DREAM while filming “Deja Vu” | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

This time around Jisung seemed to be crying from happiness at being able to be with all of the members that he grew up with in front of fans for the first time in a very long time.

Fans have expressed joy for Jisung and the other members being able to be together as a fixed unit and are excited for their future together!

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