How To Make The Korean Sugar Candy Dalgona, With Instructions By MAMAMOO’s Solar

Learning how to make a dessert from Solar? Count us in!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar took to her YouTube channel Solarsido to challenge herself to make a “sweet sweet” set of the Korean dessert dalgona along with cotton candy. Unfortunately, the cotton candy machine exploded, but it’s fine because the important thing is that we learn how to make dalgona from Solar!

Dalgona is a honeycomb toffee candy that is quite pretty and tasty!

Before we start if you’re not comfortable in the kitchen, be sure to ask for your parents’ permission or help. Safety is always the number one priority when you’re working in the kitchen!

It’s unclear what Solar is using for her measurements, but she scoops one and a half of whatever the unit of measurement is (perhaps tablespoons) of sugar into a small pan and puts it on the heating source.

As we wait for the sugar to heat up, Solar shares an anecdote from her childhood about how she used to buy dalgona in front of her school.

We also get to see her failed attempts, which is honestly very adorable.

These are the molds she used to make dalgona, but as most people won’t have these in our homes let’s try our best with regular cookie cutters!

The sugar has to be heated over low heat, or it’ll burn…

… As Solar learned the hard way.

She advises leaving the sugar alone until it melts, so it doesn’t get all over the place.

As for the dalgona ingredients, all you need is a chopstick, ladle, sugar, and baking soda…

… Something to press it down, tongs, shaping mold, and tray.

After the sugar melts into a beautiful transparent syrup, you can add a bit of the baking soda.

When stirring in the baking soda, you don’t have to do it over the heating source.

After stirring the baking soda in well, you’ll pour it into the tray…

… And, when it’s hardened enough, you’ll want to press the shaping mold into it.

As you press the shaping mold in, you’ll want to use your “something to press it down” so that the shaping mold goes in evenly and cleanly.

The next step is to remove the dalgona from the tray, which may take a little finessing and patience.

Tada! You’ve officially made dalgona! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

Now, it’s time to enjoy your delicious and tasty treat!

Solar ate her dalgona with milk, but you can enjoy it with any beverage you want. 😄

If you follow Solar’s instructions, we’d love to see your dalgona!