iKON Share Their First Reactions To Hearing Their New Song “Why Why Why”

It was full of emotion!

iKON has just released their single “Why Why Why.” In an interview, the members shared their reactions and feelings after hearing the track for the first time.

Yunhyeong pointed out how different it is from the usual music the group released and that the composition was not obvious. Usually, the outro ends after the bridge, but he explained that this track ends on high emotions.

He also shared that he thought the track’s killing part was a section where member Donghyuk cries. He adds that he still remembers the face he had when recording it.

Expanding on his part, Donghyuk explained that the emotions came from the producers’ advice, who said that it was important to consider the feelings.

  I recorded it as if I was crying.

— iKON’s Donghyuk

As each member sang their part, the rest of the group felt the story within the song’s lyrics. With so much emotion during recording, Bobby even shared that he almost cried when he listened to Donghyuk’s part.

Jinhwan added that he thinks that every word in the song is filled with emotion, and the title helps to portray the story of the track.

Because it’s repeated that it becomes imprinted in your mind. By emphasizing the word ‘why,’ it seems to perfectly express a broken heart that cannot easily accept the breakup.

— iKON’s Jinhwan

The release of the song “Why Why Why” is the first the group has released in over a year. It also comes ahead of the group’s participation in Mnet‘s Kingdom

iKON has just released the new video for their track “Why Why Why.”

Source: Naver