IZ*ONE's Possible Relaunch

IZ*ONE Relaunch Project Team Reveals “Plan B” Is Already Underway To Bring IZ*ONE Back

The letdowns have been tough, but fans shouldn’t give up hope just yet.

CJ ENM Confirms IZ*ONE Members’ Agencies Are In Discussions To Possibly Relaunch The Group

Could IZ*ONE’s re-debut really be happening?

IZ*ONE Could Be Coming Back — Multiple Member Agencies Agree With Relaunching The Group

IZ*ONE could really be coming back 🥺🤩

Head Of IZ*ONE’s “Parallel Universe” Relaunch Campaign Reveals How Discussions With The Members’ Agencies Are Going

If this project works out, IZ*ONE could redebut as 12 once more…

Fans Raise Over A Million Dollars As Part Of Crowdfunding Project To Relaunch IZ*ONE

Here’s all we know about the project.