EXO Chen's Marriage & Wife's Pregnancy

EXO’s Chen has announced that he is in a relationship, set to get married, and also expecting a baby!

EXO-Ls Trend #WelcomeEXOPrincess To Celebrate EXO’s Chen’s Newborn Baby, Here Are 10+ Of Their Sweetest Reactions To This Great News

EXO-Ls prove how loving and supportive they are to Chen, especially at #4 and #11.

Bus Advertisements Demanding for Chen’s Removal From EXO Shut Down by the City of Siheung

The city of Siheung addressed the anti-Chen advertisements that were planned to be displayed on public buses.

Chen’s Anti-Fans Begin A Campaign In His Hometown In An Attempt To Have Him Removed From EXO

True EXO fans are angry at the group for crossing a line.

EXO-L ACE Bought A Billboard To Force Chen Out—But It Failed Miserably

Looks like EXO-L ACE Cafe should have checked local laws before their latest protest.

EXO’s Chen To Make His First Comeback Since Marriage News With A Collab With Dynamic Duo

Chen’s first project since he announced his engagement and pregnancy!

A Korean Shaman Accurately Predicted EXO Chen’s Love Horoscope Last Year

The video was uploaded in June 2019.

EXO-L All Over The World Are Holding Events To Show Their Support For Chen

Fans have started a new campaign of positivity:

15 Fan Memes That Pretty Much Sums Up The Protest To Withdraw EXO’s Chen

These memes though.

EXO-L’s Continue To Support EXO’s Chen With Positive Hashtags

EXO-L’s are showing just how powerful they are.

Korean EXO-L Protest To Kick EXO’s Chen Was Pathetic, Only 7 People Showed Up

They are officially starting a physical protest.