TXT’s Soobin Tried Mint Chocolate Ice Cream For The First Time And His Members Jumped On The Chance To Tease Him

As expected of these hilarious brothers!

TXT‘s Soobin revealed through Weverse that he was going to try Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for the first time in his life.

Trying Mint Chocolate chip~

Review: Cold toothpaste

— Soobin


As soon as Soobin uploaded his post, Beomgyu jumped in the chats to teased Soobin’s selfie skills! Beomgyu left a comment saying, “Did you use a filter from the 1970’s?? haha


Soobin left the most adorable-yet-heart-broken reply, “You are… You are really… so mean. I used a 2019 filter.


Next was Huening Kai‘s turn to tease the oldest member as he commented, “Is this before or after you ate it? I bet I can take a better photo than you haha


Soobin responded almost immediately, “Put down your spoon and go back to your room~ Huening Kai, work on taking better selfies yourself haha!


Apparently Soobin was done with both the mint chocolate chip ice cream and his members teasing him for it as he opened a jar of different ice cream for himself with the caption, “thump thump (heart beating sound)“.


These brothers never miss a chance to tease each other in the most adorable way!