Lee Sang Min’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against False Defraud Accusations

These allegations have been made before.

Singer and television personality Lee Sang Min has responded to his former defraud allegations.

| Yonhap News

Previously, Lee Sang Min was accused of defrauding an acquaintance for 1.27 billion won ($1.1 million USD). While the case has since been closed, the acquaintance has requested for it to be reopened and has filed criminal charges against the television personality.

In the midst of the new charges, Lee Sang Min’s agency, Star It Entertainment announced that they will be pursuing legal action against the acquaintance who continues to make false claims.

They are making false accusations and exposing it to the media purposely to damage Lee Sang Min’s reputation.

We would like to inform you that the news in the press today regarding Lee Sang Min’s defrauding and mediation accusations are not true. We will be taking legal action against these false claims.

— Star It Entertainment

| JoongAng Daily

Star It Entertainment further explained the acquaintance’s former charges against Lee Sang Min two years ago while reiterating that all charges were dismissed.

The acquaintance previously tried to sue Lee Sang Min in August 2019. They are now trying to sue Lee Sang Min for different criminal charges, but with the same allegations. All previous complaints that were made were dismissed by the prosecution with no charges.

— Star It Entertainment

Source: WikiTree