LE SSERAFIM Spill On What Makes Chaewon A Good Leader, And Their Answers Are Hilarious Yet Heartwarming

Chaewon is the perfect leader for LE SSERAFIM.

In an interview with ELLE KOREALE SSERAFIM answered questions by picking emojis, and one of the questions they had to answer was to name a reason why Chaewon was a good leader. And while it seemed like the girls (or at least Eunchae) were planning on teasing Chaewon, all of their answers turned out to be incredibly heartwarming.

| 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube

Sakura answered first, choosing the sparkle emoji. While her words were simple, they were full of sincerity and touched Chaewon’s heart.

Thanks to Chaewon, we can sparkle on stage.

— Sakura

Yunjin answered next, saying that Chaewon felt like a real sister who she could have fun with and share all her worries with. And when the time called for it, Chaewon was a reliable leader that confidently guided them on the path they needed to go.

I like it that she’s close like a real sister, and at the same time she’s a leader who leads us confidently when she has to.

— Yunjin

Kazuha chose a diamond, and while her answer was similar to Sakura’s, it had a different nuance in that Chaewon’s light causes LE SSERAFIM’s light to be even brighter.

Since Chaewon shines like a diamond as the leader, we shine more as a group, too.

— Kazuha

Finally, Eunchae answered by proudly presenting her chosen parrot emoji. While at first, it seemed like Eunchae was clearly teasing Chaewon (the two have an adorable tom-and-jerry relationship), Eunchae’s explanation revealed that she had put a lot of thought into her choice.

A parrot is good at mimicking what people say. So in that sense (like a parrot,) she listens to our opinions well and delivers them to the company well.

— Eunchae

Eunchae also chose the blowing-a-kiss emoji since Chaewon is full of aegyo. While Chaewon flirted with the camera, the rest of LE SSERAFIM showered her with their love.

Overall, LE SSERAFIM appreciate and adore Chaewon as their leader, and we can’t wait to see what more the group has in store.