Bride of the Water God Cast Hold Their First Script Reading

The cast of tvN‘s highly anticipated drama Bride of the Water God recently held their first script reading.

Even though Nam Joo Hyuk and Krystal were already spotted filming a scene for Bride of the Water God, the entire main cast recently got together to hold their first official script reading.

With the drama’s director and main producer also present, the cast displayed their passion for acting as they progressed through the script for the first few episodes.

The production team of Bride of the Water God also announced their goals for the drama during the script reading.

“The actors’ burning passion and acting abilities, Kim Byung Soo’s delicate directing, and an exciting script from the gifted Jung Yoon Jung created a perfect scenario during the script reading.

The actors and producers will cooporate with each other to create a splendid romance that will decorate July more than anyone’s imagination could have dreamed of.”

— Bride of the Water God Staff

While not all of the details about the drama have been released, the roles for each of the main characters have been made public. The first episode of Bride of the Water God will air on July 3 at 10:50 pm KST.

Source: Sports Chosun