BTS’s V Goes Viral Among Locals During The 2022 GRAMMYs As The “Man With Flowers On His Suit”

BTS’s V stole the hearts of literally everyone!

Although the 2022 GRAMMYs might have been another event that brought disappointing results to both BTS and ARMYs, there is no denying that the group made an impact during the show. From the very minute the members stepped onto the red carpet, they instantly stole the hearts of fans and locals (those who aren’t K-Pop fans.)

BTS | 64th Grammy Awards

In particular, one person who definitely caught the attention of those watching the event worldwide is BTS’s V. Like the rest of the members, V wowed in very flashy and unique Louis Vuitton outfits.

As expected, each member showcased their own personalities through their outfits, and V was no exception. Along with a very dapper brown suit, V matched it with a shirt in a BTS-esque purple.

BTS’s V | @thv/ Instagram

| @thv/ Instagram

However, one thing that really made the suit stand out was a beautiful and elaborate flower corsage made up of five beautiful and bright colors.

| @thv/ Instagram

| @thv/ Instagram

Of course, ARMYs shared their love for BTS V’s outfit and it wasn’t surprising that they couldn’t get enough of the look that combined a vintage flair with modern and bright designs with the flowers.

Even Western media outlets, journalists, and celebrities couldn’t get over V’s outfit, with many claiming that he was definitely the best dressed of the night…

Each time BTS appears at a Western event, a member will gain the attention of non-K-Pop fans, and viewers will end up asking, “Who is the…?” trying to get information on the member by describing what they’re wearing.

This year, it seemed to be people trying to figure out who V was with the description, “The one with the flowers on his suit.”

And even ARMYs couldn’t help but notice that V was going viral amongst locals who were watching the red carpet event.

Over the years, V has caught the attention of viewers with his visuals and people across the world have been wondering who the idol is! Last year at the event, V was was known as “The Guy In The White Suit With Black Hair.”

Yet, it isn’t even just V. At the 2021 GRAMMYs, all of the members caught the attention of the public and found new nicknames, whether it was Jin being called the “The Guy In The Orange Suit…”

BTS’s Jin

Or Jungkook being called “The One In The White Suit With The Blue Mic.”

BTS’s Jungkook

As always, the members of BTS manage to become the main event of any ceremony they attend. Although they might not have won the top prize, they definitely stole everyone’s hearts.

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