Jungkook Uploaded Three Out Of Four Most Retweeted BTS Tweets Of All Time

Jungkook doesn’t post often, but when he does it blows up!

Four posts uploaded by BTS‘ official Twitter account has made it to the top 30 most retweeted tweets in the world and BTS currently holds the most tweets on this ranking!


It also happens that Jungkook tweeted three out of the four tweets that made it on the list. Jungkook’s cover of “All Of My Life” was at #28 with 652k retweets.


His cover of “Scenery”, which was also part of an epic lipsync battle with Jimin, took #29 with 649k retweets.


And finally, his cover of IU’s “Ending Scene” took #30 at 631k retweets.


In fact, Jungkook’s cover of “All Of My Life” was even selected as the Golden Tweet 2018. This means that Jungkook’s tweets were selected as the “most retweeted tweet by Koreans” for 2 consecutive years.


Jungkook has made significant achievements in other mediums other than Twitter including #1 on Youtube search as well as #1 on Google trending for the K-Pop category for 3 consecutive years. It is no secret that Jungkook is receiving extraordinary attention from fans and the public around the world.


And while Jungkook does not visit BTS’ official social media as often, when he does, it immediately becomes a worldwide trend! Congratulations to Jungkook on his achievements!

Source: Segye Ilbo