Actress Um Hyun Kyung Shares She Almost Lost Her Life In A Fire Due To Her Personality

We’re glad she’s okay!

Actress Um Hyun Kyung‘s recent confession has shocked an entire studio.

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On the most recent episode of MBC Every1‘s Video Star, Um Hyun Kyung was featured as one of the guests. It was during her time on the show that the actress shared a terrifying story of the time she almost lost her life. The reason why she went through such a terrifying ordeal was due to her introspective personality.

Um Hyun Kyung explained that she has always hated being in the spotlight due to her reserved and introverted personality. It wasn’t until the fated day that the actress realized she may need to get over her fears.

Um Hyun Kyung shared that there happened to be a fire at her apartment building one day and she only found out about it because of her neighbor’s screaming. As she tried to figure out what to do, she looked outside the window. It was then that she saw a crowd starting to gather to watch what was going on. She confessed that she was freaked out by the people watching the situation, ultimately resulting in a failed escape from the fiery building. The actress shared that at that point, she decided to lay in her bed and wait for rescuers to come save her.

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After she shared her story, the hosts of Video Star expressed their concerns, but Um Hyun Kyung revealed that her introverted ways have slowly disappeared as she got older.

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In related news, Um Hyun Kyung recently wrapped up her drama, Man in a Veil, proving her talent as an actress. We can’t wait to see Um Hyun Kyung in her upcoming projects.

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