November 26th

MC Park Myung Soo Coincidentally Ran Into A BTS Member In The Sauna Recently

Here’s what went down.

IU Recreates A 2021 Version Of Her Hit OST “My Dream Patissiere” 11 Years Later

The song has become a TikTok challenge.

Netizens Believe TWICE’s Chaeyoung Entered Her “Legendary” Visual Phase After These Photos Emerged

This is one of her most gorgeous looks yet!

“Actor K”, Who Allegedly Abandoned His Pregnant Girlfriend, Revealed To Be Actor Go Se Won

He addressed the accusations.

“The Silent Sea” Projected To Be Netflix’s Next Big Hit Following “Squid Game” And “Hellbound”

If you missed Gong Yoo, look no further.

Wanna One Reunites In Group Selfie For The First Time In Almost Three Years

They even included the missing member in a special way. 🥺

“Street Woman Fighter”‘s Monika Receives Criticism For Saying “Poppin” And Not “Popping”

It all happened because of one letter.

Ticketmaster Causes Chaos As More Tickets To BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Are Released A Day Before The Concert

Us when we saw there were more tickets available: 🥺🙏
Us when we saw them already being resold for thousands of dollars: 😱😠

Entire Airplanes Are Turning Into BTS Listening Parties As ARMYs Fly To Los Angeles For “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concerts

Los Angeles is about to become a purple ocean 💜

Gong Yoo’s Agency Denies The Actor Went On A “Date” With Taylor Swift — Here’s How The Rumors Began

All it took was one photo.