8 Times TREASURE Made Us Soft With Their Adorable Friendship While Playing In Snow

So many fun scenes!

TREASURE had a fun-filled day in TREASURE MAP Episode 38! They slid down a hillside, played with snow, danced around, and relaxed with games. Throughout it all, the boys gifted fans with several precious friendship moments together.

Check them out below!

1. Jeongwoo–Haruto

First up, Jeongwoo remembered when Haruto said it was his first time to go sledding. To support him, the vocalist promised to reach the bottom of the hill in his name.

Haruto, I’ll get down for you!

— Jeongwoo

Though it didn’t seem to help his friend in any way, Jeongwoo still enjoyed his turn.

Haruto: What did you do that for?

Jeongwoo: I did it for you!

2. Jihoon–Junkyu–Yoshi

Jihoon made Junkyu‘s and Yoshi‘s rides more fun by pushing them down the slope, no complaints or questions asked.

What a great hyung!

3. Asahi–Haruto

Asahi and Haruto were determined to ride with each other, even if they fell prematurely the first time.

It’s the bonding that counts!


The group even connected their tubes together to slide down the mountain at once.

It gives a whole new meaning to teamwork!

5. Jihoon–Hyunsuk

The friendship between Jihoon and Hyunsuk, the two leaders, is something else. Since they’re closest in age, Jihoon wasn’t shy to roll his friend and throw several snowballs right at him!


There are few winter activities that scream friendship more than building an igloo and snow sculpture as a team. They happily celebrated their creations together!

7. J-Line

Sometimes the best measure of how close people are to each other is how willing they are to joke around.

TREASURE’s “J-Line”—particularly Asahi, Haruto, and Yoshi-—couldn’t help but pretend to bury Mashiho in the igloo he created!

8. Jihoon–Jeongwoo–Yedam–Haruto

And finally, when Yedam and Haruto wanted to climb to the top of the igloo, it was completely natural for Jihoon and Jeongwoo to reach out their sticks to them so they could climb safely.

That’s friendship, alright!

Check out the full video below!