4 K-Pop Mysteries That Got Solved In 2021

Some of these were mysteries for several years!

There are plenty of mysteries in K-Pop, and sometimes, fans finally get answers regarding these mysteries. Here are 4 K-Pop mysteries that got solved in 2021.

1. Former JYP Entertainment trainee Minyoung’s whereabouts

Former JYP Entertainment trainee Minyoung

Minyoung is a former JYP Entertainment trainee who was supposed to debut as a member of 6MIX. However, 6MIX’s debut got canceled, and JYP Entertainment decided to create the show SIXTEEN, which is the show that formed TWICE.


In 2015, Minyoung was a participant in SIXTEEN but got eliminated in the final episode. After she participated in SIXTEEN, Minyoung seemingly disappeared from the public eye. That was until recently, as Minyoung opened up a YouTube channel and shared what she’s been up to.

After the program (SIXTEEN), I went through such a hard time, but now that I can smile and talk about it. There were so many chances for me to debut since I was in middle school, but those kept failing and failing, and that kept on repeating until my senior year.

But back then, I was already worn out by so many failed debuts, and it was a time that I couldn’t get myself together. But the company said that they were progressing with the survival program. I forced myself to participate in the program because I had no other choice. So in the program, I always looked depressed, unhappy…All the bad parts of me were shown in the program.

Even now, when I look at myself shown through the program, it makes me feel sad.

— Minyoung

Minyoung also shared that after she got eliminated in SIXTEEN, she decided to take some time to rest and figure out what she wanted to do.

After the program ended, I almost gave up on music. I didn’t want to sing, didn’t want to do music anymore. So I stopped doing music for years… But at last, it came back to me again! Since I was in elementary and till my senior year, I always pursued this one certain goal of mine. But they all collapsed all at once, and so my mental collapsed too, so I needed to get myself back together too.

So while resting, I spent my time studying English; I took music lessons, and I tried many different kinds of jobs…and that kind of helped me to get through and overcome [everything].

— Minyoung

Minyoung then shared that she’s now working at an international school and continuing to do music!

And now, I’ve gotten so much better, and am working at an international school. I’m still doing music as my hobby. So while working, I want to do YouTube and sing; that’s what I’m planning to do!

— Minyoung

2. The voice in BTS’s “Life Goes On”


There was a debate amongst fans about whether it was a woman or Jimin singing the chorus in BTS’s song “Life Goes On.”

In an interview, Jimin was asked about this, and he shared that originally he and the PD spoke about adding a female voice to the song.

However, it was difficult for them to reach out and find a female vocalist. The PD then asked Jimin to try singing the chorus, and Jimin did such an amazing job that they decided to use his voice!

So it went like, ‘You should try singing it, your voice could be even better,’ and we thought including a member’s voice would be nice.

— Jimin

3. Somi’s Produce 101  “fight scene”


Somi was a participant in the show Produce 101 in 2016, and in the preview for episode 6, Somi appeared as if she was about to fight someone.

When episode 6 finally aired, this “fight scene” wasn’t there, and viewers were left curious about what happened. In an Instagram live, Somi finally revealed the truth behind this “fight scene.” It turns out that Somi staged the whole thing! Somi had told the director that she was going to act as if she was mad at someone and that he should film it and put it in the preview of an episode to grab attention. The director ended up listening to Somi!

It was a whole act like I acted out, I had no fights at all, it was just me doing it all by myself… Nothing really happened.

— Somi

4. GOT7 Jay B’s “warm winter” incident

GOT7’s Jay B

In the past, the GOT7 members briefly mentioned that they experienced a “warm winter” due to Jay B. The members didn’t say much more than this, which made fans curious.

Jay B finally decided to tell the story about the “warm winter” in an Instagram live. Jay B shared that the members one day went out together, and he ended up getting drunk! Due to this, Jackson and Jinyoung had to carry Jay B home.

The problem, however, was that both Jinyoung and Jackson didn’t know where Jay B lived, so they spent quite a bit of time walking around and trying to find his home. Not only that, but Jay B’s neighborhood is big, so this made the “adventure” even longer!

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