The Most Outrageous Arguments From BTS’s Wet And Wild Debate 

Nothing was off-limits.

In the latest episode of Run BTS!BTS argued about everything from kelp and hygiene to raisin bread, and absolutely no argument was off-limits. Here are 8 of the most absurd moments from the debate!

1. V’s made-up quote from Socrates

V “quoted” the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates to prove his point; “Those who understand the beauty of raisins are those who truly know how to enjoy bread.“ 

| Run BTS!/Weverse

2. Jin comparing eating raisin bread to eating sand

Jin can argue his way out of anything, no matter how ridiculous the topic is. Such was the case during the raisin bread debate. V proposed that any starving person would eat raisin bread if they had no other food, but Jin said no way! It would be like eating seafood with sand in it.

3. 2 Poo 4 Skool

Suga argued that brushing your teeth must come before washing your face because nobody wants to smell “poo” breath at school.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

RM‘s reaction was priceless!

| Run BTS!/Weverse

| Run BTS!/Weverse

4. Raisin bread: food of the Greek gods

Like V, RM called on the ancient world to help him win a debate. He argued that since Greek and Roman gods drank wine (made from grapes) they would approve of raisins in bread. Team No Raisins wasn’t having that.

5. Why you shouldn’t eat grapes

Jin argued that you will grow grapes in your stomach if you eat the seeds…

…but absolutely no one believed that nonsense! His own team called him out.

6. Fact: a peach will (not) break your teeth

RM tried to argue that hard peaches will send you straight to the dentist, but unless you’re gnawing on the pit, that’s not likely!

7. You know what else can crack your molars? Raisins

Jimin acted as if chewing raisins was the same as chewing rocks, making J-Hope burst out laughing.

8. Runaway wordplay

RM tried to use wordplay with the Korean word for “bully” to bully the other team into losing the debate…

…but Jimin told him to stop being ridiculous!