7 Underrated Korean Bands You Need In Your K-Pop Playlist

Why don’t you try listening to these bands!

In the past few years, there has been a rise in Korean bands making their way into the K-Pop industry! Amongst the big names are DAY6, N.Flying, and The Rose are some that you might not have heard of before!

Here is a look at 7 Korean bands that you should listen to!


| @official_ONEWE/Twitter

ONEWE is a rock group consisting of Yonghoon, Harin, Kanghyun, Dongmyeong, and CyA. The group was formed in 2015 as MAS0094 and debuted under Rainbow Bridge World (RBW) in 2019 as ONEWE, wowing their fans with their musical ability!

Their most recent track, “Book in Memory,” was inspired by the movie The Notebook. Yet, the band has diverse music ranging from rock to ballads which are enough to get you dancing around the room one minute and sobbing the next.

2. Rolling Quartz

| @Rolling_Quartz/Twitter

Among the sea of male Korean bands, Rolling Quartz is a girl rock group that gives Hayley Williams vibes. Formed in 2019, the group performed various shows before officially debuting in December 2020.

The group’s current members are; Jayoung, Iree, Hyunjung, Areum, and Yeongeun. In their debut single, “Blaze,” The girls give off major girl crush vibes showing off their energy, talent, and passion.

3. Hoppipolla

| @official_Hoppipolla/Twitter

Hoppipollais a four-member band with Ha HyunsangKim YoungsoI’ll & Hong Jinho under Dreamus. The group won the JTBC show Superband and officially debuted in November 2019.

With guitars, a keyboard, and a cello, the sound is much softer than many Korean bands. The group combines their instruments with soft melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics that take you on a story!


| @BANDLUCY_mystic/Twitter

LUCY is a four-member band under Mystic Story and was formed when the members participated in the survival show JTBC SuperBand. The band consists of Shin YechanCho Wonsang, Choi Sangyeop, and Shin Gwangil.

Alongside the usual instruments, the addition of a violin makes LUCY unique, giving their music a more folk feel. Their latest single, “Hero,” has a generic K-Pop feeling but with the patented LUCY twist!

5. Bursters

| @bursters_official/Instagram

For fans who prefer a more classic rock feel to their music, Bursters is a band (Daegun, Junyong, Gyejin, Hwanhee, and Taehee) signed to Evermore Music.

Their songs are heavily guitar and drum-based, using dark concepts to tell a story. Bursters are also the first Korean artist to have been in the weekly radio playlist on Kerrang! with their single “Barriers.”

6. 2Z

| @official2z/Twitter

Debuting in January 2020, 2Z is an idol band with members HojinJiseobJunghyunBumjun, and ZUNON.

Known for a style that fits the standard expectations of “rock,” the group’s music relies heavily on guitar and drum-driven beats, showcasing a strong and dynamic feel! Their latest track, “Doctor,” also adds an old-school feel bringing the song to life.

7. D.Coy

| @dcoy_official/Twitter

Formed in 2017, IZ is definitely a band that deserves a lot more love in the K-Pop industry. Signed to Music K Entertainment, the members Hyunjun, JihooWoosu, and Junyoung shine in several different concepts.

Unlike other groups, IZ manages to perfectly release both uptempo music and ballad tracks representing their image. They recently showed their diversity in a cover of BTS‘s “Dynamite.”