5+ Times Jo Jung Suk’s Impeccable Attention To Detail Proved He’s The Best At What He Does

What an amazing actor he is!

For his role of news reporter Lee Hwa Shin in the hit K-Drama Don’t Dare to Dream, actor Jo Jung Suk made sure he perfectly portrayed every bit of the character’s traits and emotions with incredibly elaborate acting. Thanks to such effort, viewers thoroughly loved the series — especially Jo Jung Suk’s quirky-but-adorable character. Here are 5+ times his impeccable attention to detail created unforgettable scenes that throned him one of the best actors in the industry!


1. “A Very, Very, Very Subtle Smirk”

Here’s what the script described: “With a very, very, very subtle smirk — like a faint crack barely visible.”


2. “A Shy Guy Moment”

Here’s what the script described: “Feeling satisfied and happy, but trying to hide all of that by acting embarrassed.”


3. “A Broken Smile”

Here’s what’s happening: Lee Hwa Shin’s crush Pyo Na Ri (played by actress Gong Hyo Jin) isn’t taking a single thing he says seriously. Lee Hwa Shin offers to “do anything she wants” for a chance to date her. She playfully asks him to sing, dance, rap, and more. As Lee Hwa Shin does everything asked of him, the two eventually crack up uncontrollably — but Lee Hwa Shin is heartbroken over the whole thing.


4. “That. Epic. Fall”

Here’s what’s happening: Pyo Na Ri rushes through the lobby, pushing Lee Hwa Shin over. He falls — as dramatically as possible.


5. “A Shattered Heart”

Here’s what’s happening: Lee Hwa Shin witnesses his crush Pyo Na Ri lock lips with his best friend Go Jung Won (played by Go Kyung Pyo). He is so helplessly in love with a woman he cannot seem to grasp.


6. “The Frustration”

Here’s what’s happening: Pyo Na Ri comes clean and tells Lee Hwa Shin that she is in love with both him and his best friend. Lee Hwa Shin is unable to put his head around how she can do this to him.


7. “A Forbidden Kiss”

Here’s what’s happening: Lee Hwa Shin decides he’s going to try and win Pyo Na Ri’s heart over, regardless of her relationship with his best friend. In other words, this kiss isn’t supposed to be happening — but is, oh it very much is.

Source: Nate Pann