Here Are 4 of BIGBANG G-Dragon’s Most Famous Fans

G-Dragon is truly a celebrity of celebrities.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon is one of the most well-known celebrities in South Korea.

G-Dragon is also quite popular among celebrities, as many have admitted to being huge fans of his. The List took a brief look at some of G-Dragon’s most famous fans, here are 4 of them.

1. Lee Je Hoon

Actor Lee Je Hoon has always had an interest in music, especially hip hop.

Lee Je Hoon is also quite the fanboy of G-Dragon, as he has been listening to BIGBANG’s music for quite some time.

Yet, Lee Je Hoon never got a chance to meet G-Dragon despite debuting around the same time.

This all changed once the two happened to be guests on Infinite Challenge during the same episode.

Lee Je Hoon couldn’t hide his inner fanboy, as he bombarded G-Dragon with many questions.

This all ended up working out for him, as G-Dragon was quite touched by Lee Je Hoon. G-Dragon even personally invited Lee Je Hoon to BIGBANG’s next concert, as well as giving him his phone number.

While Lee Je Hoon was appreciative of being a guest on Infinite Challenge, he wasn’t shy about admitting that meeting G-Dragon was more exciting.

Also, G-Dragon was a man of his words and did invite Lee Je Hoon to one of BIGBANG’s concerts.

2. Bewhy

Rapper Bewhy has always been a fanboy of G-Dragon, to the point where he auditioned for YG Entertainment.

While Bewhy might not have become a trainee at YG Entertainment, he did get to live his dream of performing on stage with G-Dragon.

3. Zion.T

Fanboy Zion.T was in for a huge surprise when he one day received a phone call from G-Dragon regarding a collaboration.

Zion.T couldn’t hold his excitement, as he even hurt himself due to the excitement.

The interaction between these two didn’t stop there, as they’ve had multiple collaborations over the years.

4. Han Ga In

While Han Ga In might be a married woman, that doesn’t mean that she has to hide her inner fangirl.

Han Ga In even goes to BIGBANG concerts alongside her husband, Yeon Jung Hoon.

Han Ga In and G-Dragon even had a touching interaction with each other when Han Ga In presented an award to him.

Here is the full video below!