10+ K-Pop-Themed Cookies That Are Almost Too Cute To Eat

How do you get so much detail with icing?

Cookie decorating has become quite the art form over the years, and now involves so much detail that it’s mindboggling! There are so many creative and talented bakers around the world making a feast not only for our mouths but for our eyes. Luckily, many of these bakers also happen to be K-Pop fans.

Here are 10+ K-Pop-themed cookies that you might think twice about before eating… because they’re adorable!


Look at these adorably simple cookies! Not to mention the care put into that bear!

2. Stray Kids

These chibi characters have so much personality in their cute little faces. Stray Kids’ lightstick is absolutely stunning, and even more so as a delicious cookie. It’s truly the icing on the cake… err… cookie!

3. ITZY and Dreamcatcher

How on Earth do you get that small of details with icing?! Incredible!


Just because it’s a tiny cookie doesn’t mean you can’t make an outstanding portrait! Each cookie captures every girl’s personality perfectly and they were somehow able to even make the hair puffy!

5. TXT

TXT’s modest but beautiful album covers make the perfect idea for a cookie! Not to mention the boys look adorable in animal onesies with their intricate lightstick.

6. BTS

Is summer here already? These cookies blasted us all the way to the California sunshine of summer with its warm color palette, palm trees, and ice cream.


How can a cookie be so expressive? ATEEZ is gorgeous in cookie form, and they even have a boombox to match!


These minimalistic cookies still manage to capture the essence of VICTON’s “What I Said.” The elegant, luxurious look makes us feel fancy!

9. AB6IX

These lines are insanely tiny… and edible. It feels impossible!

10. EXO

Another loveable cartoon approach! We’re living for the bright color palette with the dark accents.

11. SHINee

Of course, you can’t forget SHINee! Their comeback had everyone excited and this fan made a stunning homage in cookies!

12. NCT

This minimalistic look is everything! Having just the line art of the boys makes these cookies chic and modern.

Bonus: Logos!

Would you be able to eat these beautiful cookies?