K-Pop Mysteries

K-Pop Mysteries

Stray Kids’ Han And I.N Finally Resolve The Issue Of Their Infamous Kiss

“It’s the past… So remember it as you will.”

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Solves The Mystery Of The Tape On His Windows

There was a specific reason for the mystery.

The Backlash For NMIXX’s Debut “O.O” May Be Intentional, Here’s What Fans Are Speculating

Some fans are suspecting that it’s all intentional.

TWICE Nayeon’s Lost Wallet Has Finally Been Found

Mystery solved!

BTS J-Hope’s Lost Rings Have Been Found…In Beverly Hills 

So, THAT’s where they went!

10 BTS “7FATES: CHAKHO” Questions We Need Answered ASAP 

When will these mysteries be solved?

The BTS Suga Mystery That Might Never Be Solved

It’s a secret, for now.

Someone Stole Taekook’s Photo — BTS V’s Reaction Says A Lot About His Character

Who took it?

New K-Drama “One Ordinary Day” Completely Puzzles Viewers With A Mystery Trailer: Who Do You See?

Kim Soo Hyun or not Kim Soo Hyun, that is the question.

HYBE’s Best-Kept Secret: The Mysterious Mind Behind BTS’s “WINGS” Story

Who are they?