Idols Done Dirty

Idols Done Dirty

Video Of Paparazzi Allegedly Disrespecting AleXa Goes Viral As Netizens Express Outrage

“He’s being paid to take pictures of her.”

HOLLAND Updates On His Condition After Homophobic Attack Against Him

HOLLAND shared what happened to the assailant and how he’s personally been since.

“Be Fair To Jimin” Trends Following BTS’s “PROOF” Tracklist Release

ARMYs feel that Jimin is not being treated the same as the other members.

Netizens Call Out Homophobia And Queerbaiting In The K-Pop Industry After HOLLAND Suffers Bigoted Attack

Some fans feel like the K-Pop industry profits off queerbaiting while still discriminating.

K-Pop Idol Holland A Victim Of Homophobic Attack On The Streets Of Itaewon

Holland is the first openly gay K-Pop idol.

Younha Once Shut Down A “Troll” Trying To “School” Her On Instagram With Just Four Words

It remains a prime example of “trolls” trying to pick on celebrities “because they can.”

Agency CEO’s Reaction To His Artists Being Sexually Harassed Emphasizes The Harsh Reality Of The K-Pop Industry

Former K-Pop idol Dayul shared her experiences.

Australian TV Show Under Fire For Allegedly Racist Segment About BTS At The 2022 GRAMMYs

ARMYs were trending #StopAsianHate!

Stray Kids’ Stylists Are Under Fire For Lee Know’s Dangerous And Uncomfortable Outfit

Lee Know was extremely professional but…

ARMYs Praise BTS’s Jungkook For His Mature Response To A Hate Comment On Instagram

The comment was uncalled for and caused anger amongst netizens!