Idol Struggles & Victories

Idol Struggles & Victories

LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Opens Up About The Struggles Of Becoming A Trainee Again After Being A Member Of IZ*ONE

She became a trainee again after joining Source Music.

GOT7 Get Real About Disbandment, Military Enlistment, And The Future

They didn’t hold back when addressing rumors.

The Heartbreaking Reason AKMU’s Suhyun Doesn’t Take Pictures With Fans Anymore

The idol spilled on the hardships of being in K-Pop.

DAY6’s Young K Wins Special “Best Warrior” Award During KATUSA Military Service

He is an all-rounder!

eaJ Opens Up About Being “Canceled”

He reflected on the “craziest year of his life” in his new Mindset collection.

GOT7’s Jay B Spills On What It’s Really Like Being The Group’s Leader

He didn’t want to be the group’s leader, but he was exactly what they needed.

GOT7 Announce 2022 FANCON “HOMECOMING with I GOT 7”

The event will be offline and online!

GOT7 Officially Announce New Self-Titled EP And Release Date

Get ready, Ahgases!

Netizens Call Out Homophobia And Queerbaiting In The K-Pop Industry After HOLLAND Suffers Bigoted Attack

Some fans feel like the K-Pop industry profits off queerbaiting while still discriminating.

GOT7 Drop First Teaser And Totally Rebrand Ahead Of Group Comeback

The GOT7 comeback is officially happening!