What's Happening In Korea

What's Happening In Korea

10+ Celebrities Who Attended Park Shin Hye & Choi Tae Joon’s Wedding

Is this a wedding or an awards show??

Lee Min Ho Congratulates Park Shin Hye On Her Wedding, But With A Hilarious “The Heirs” Twist

“Cha Eun Sang, it’s me Kim Tan…”

South Korean Dating Apps Restrict Mask-Wearing To Minimize Fraud From “Mask-Fishing”

Dating has changed a lot since COVID-19.

South Korea Introduces Hallyu Visa—Here’s What That Means

It’ll provide many great opportunities.

South Korean Man Murders Girlfriend In Her Own House, While Her Mother Was Home

She had asked to break up.

KBS K-Drama “Young Lady And Gentleman” Faces Heavy Criticism For Airing Two “Unnecessarily Violent” Scenes

Viewers have taken to the KBS Bulletin Board to express their frustration.

“Running Man” Comedian Yang Se Chan Under Fire For Making A Rude Joke About Actress Jeon So Min During A Game

“So Min genuinely looks hurt and not in a losing-the-game sort of way.”

Korean YouTuber Sues Haters Over A NSFW “Flight Attendant Look-Book,” Gets Busted For Pornography And Prostitution

Korean Air is now taking legal action against the YouTuber for defamation of the airline and its flight attendants.

Netizens Call Out Mnet For Using A Beauty Filter On Ahn Bo Hyun And Others In “2021 MAMA” Posts

“He doesn’t need beauty filter.”

Multiple BTS Fansites Shut Down Following The Recent Conflict With ARMYs At The “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concert

After clashing with ARMYs who found them to be “security threats,” Korean fansites for BTS are shutting down citing violence and negativity as the reasons.