Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Originally debuting as four in 2014 and later becoming a quintet when Yeri joined in 2015, they’ve been spreading happiness ever since.

With a dual concept showcasing their lively, bold, and pop-inspired “Red” side as well as their classy, sultry, and mysterious R&B “Velvet” side, it’s hard to find a group as unique and diverse as they are!

BTS’s Jimin, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, And Red Velvet’s Irene All Slayed In The Same Shirt But Served Totally Different Vibes

They’re all so fashionable! 😍

Debunked Photo Of Red Velvet’s Irene And BTS’s V Draws Comparisons To V And BLACKPINK Jennie Dating Scandal

Is it another edited picture?

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NCT’s Renjun And Red Velvet’s Wendy Wore Similar Airport Outfits, And Everyone’s Here For It

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Red Velvet’s Wendy Goes Viral For Her Unreal Visuals On Her Way To Work

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Red Velvet’s Yeri Is Dazzling In White In These 15 Instagram Posts

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Red Velvet’s Irene And Seulgi Are Such Good Dancers That Even Their Choreographer Was Shook

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Green is Red Velvet Joy’s Designated Color, And These 15 Photos Show How Gorgeous She Is In Green

Green is nature’s color, and Joy is a natural beauty.

Red Velvet Embody Their Birth Month Flowers, Both In Beauty And Meaning

Red Velvet is in full bloom~

Red Velvet’s Yeri Finally Learns Her Undertone From Her Makeup Artist—Here’s What She Advised

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