Just as the members conquered the survival program No.Mercy to make their debut together in 2015, MONSTA X has seized the attention of the whole world.

Having released music in several languages including Korean, Japanese, and English as well as showcased a musical style and aesthetic that ranges from darker, edgier concepts to lighter, bubblier ones, they consistently attract attention with their unique and diverse style.

MONSTA X Takes Home First Place With “Rush Hour” On “Show Champion”

Congrats to the boys!

Here Is How MONSTA X Included A Viral Shownu Meme In The “Rush Hour” Choreography

Shownu may be in the military, but his members still made him a part of the dance!

MONSTA X Just Broke This Record With “Rush Hour” And Here’s How Fans Reacted

The first win of the “Rush Hour” comeback has set a new K-Pop record.

TWICE’s Dahyun And MONSTA X’s Joohoney Wore The Same Hairstyle, But Served Completely Different Vibes

They also went to the same church pre-debut!

Here’s How Offline Concerts Are Really Like During COVID-19 Times In Korea

Let’s take a look at the concerts from late 2021.

Monsta X’s IM And NCT’s Taeyong Wore The Same Pants Style, But Served Completely Different Vibes

“…did someone kidnap the stylist?”

MONSTA X Drops Preview For Upcoming Movie “THE DREAMING”

This one is for the fans!

Wonho Took Off His Shirt During Concert Right Before Realizing His Mom Was There In The Audience

He was so surprised! 😂

MONSTA X Unveils Snippets Of New Album In Album Preview Video

They are ready for a fall comeback!

MONSTA X Finally Addresses Rumors Of A Collaboration With The Weeknd

Their responses were definitely suspicious!