Taking the spotlight in 2011 when they made their debut, these ladies have continued to thrive with their unique style.

While exceptional in many ways, they are perhaps best known for their powerful vocals and stability, distinct musical style, and extensive discography as well as for the strong bond they share between each other and their fans.

Police Investigations Reveal That Apink’s Chorong Was Falsely Accused Of Bullying

“…the accuser had maliciously edited the voice recording…”

Apink’s Jung Eunji Gains Praise For Her Acting In A Complicated Scene Featuring A Kiss On “Work Later, Drink Now”

We always knew she was a great actor but…

Apink’s Naeun And ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Both Went Viral For The Same Type Of Outfit — Here’s Why They Were So Iconic

Visual king and queen.

Apink’s Social Media Accounts Uploads Member Profile Photos For Everyone — Except Son Naeun

We miss you Naeun!

Apink’s Hayoung Reportedly To Release Collaboration Single This September

This is her first solo comeback in two years.

Apink’s Eunji Lodges Official Complaint Against Alleged Stalker

She has filed a complaint against them.

Apink’s Eunji Shared Her Unexpected Motivation For Starting Exercise And Losing 15kg

She wasn’t motivated by beauty standards.

Apink Uploads A 5 Member Photo Celebrating Their Anniversary, Disappointing Their Fans

Fans wished Son Naeun would have been present in the photos.

10+ Times Apink’s Son Naeun Proved She’s The Queen Of Leggings

They accentuate her long legs!

Apink’s Namjoo Reveals Her Love For Aespa With A Surprise Dance Cover

In between mukbangs… Kwangya?