Netizens discuss viral fancams as double-edged swords

A year has passed since EXID reaped the viral fame that accompanied Hani‘s legendary fancam of “Up & Down” and now fans are discussing the double-edged nature of these fancams.

It can be recalled that EXID shot to fame with the viral fan cam recording of their “Up&Down” performance which was focused on Hani.  The girl group returned to an extended set of promotions as the track re-entered the charts and got invited to a number of entertainment programs.

The trend did not just end on EXID as G-Friend’s slippery dance performance along with other viral videos of Bambino, Year 7 Class 1, Six Bomb and more got discovered through a number of fan taken clips.

These clips taken by event-goers and loving fans can propel a group to fame for better or worse.

Netizens listed a few girl groups who began to shine in the limelight whereas others were scorned by viewers for various reasons.


This viral clip of member Hani during the now globally known “Up & Down” dance has reached over 16 million views at the time of writing. This video allowed their track to slowly climb the music charts, even bringing the girls back to the music show stage.


Rookie girl group G-Friend caught international media attention for their hardworking attitudes after more than a few tumbles on a slippery stage during a performance of their title track “Me Gustas Tu.” The video has over 7.5 million views at time of writing.


This sexy girl group has various videos focused on individual members that have reached anywhere from over 4 to over 6 million views. However, the hottest video may be that of member Hadam who dances to “New Thang,” reaching over 9 million views.

This fancam received quite a backlash from the online community as many netizens called a wardrobe malfunction – it was visible that she was not wearing anything under her jean shorts.

Year 7 Class 1:

These girls have used their adorable song with a super sexy dance and revealing outfits to catch attention. Some of their videos have joined the one and two million club. Many fans called them out for their visible underwear as well.

Six Bomb:

Another example of the negative image that fancams can bring, the girls of Six Bomb were under netizen heat for their highlighter-yellow, tight leggings which clearly revealed the shape and colors of their underwear too. Funny enough, the group’s second most viewed video is a cover of EXID’s “Up & Down.”

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[+809, -45] Fancams weren’t meant to be used for promotions, originally a hobby for fans to keep in their private collection but Hani changed everything.. It’s good that a talented group like EXID got a chance to shine through Hani’s fancam..

[+639, -40] EXID is a good example of a fancam

[+478, -36] Even with all the broadcast events, I think the result of their success was through hard work

[+404, -25] It’s true they were lucky because of the fancam but they were skilled, had a good song, had a fandom, the basics, they got popular through word-of-mouth and they took those opportunities, it really was a big reversal. It’s hard to get success, but most celebrities who fail don’t even have those basic requirements, imitation and change can only get you so far.. ★

Source: Sports Seoul