10 Kpop Music Videos that are perfect for celebrating Halloween

It’s almost time for the darkest holiday of the year and these Kpop music videos are perfect to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Dark concepts have been a recurring theme for many groups, with some even making the dark concept their central theme. Other groups also attempt the all black concepts at least once. These thematic music videos have left Kpop fans with an array of spooky choices.

Here are ten music video guaranteed to get you into the mood for black eyeliner and fake blood on Halloween night.

VIXX are known for their dark concepts which has become a favorite theme for the group among fans. Their classic track “Voodoo Doll” is a perfect example of all things Halloween and Kpop.

Sunmi‘s “Full Moon” music video is perfect to get anyone into the Halloween spirit as the music video shows of the singers seductive nature as a haunting vampire chasing a lost love.

BOYFRIEND‘s music video for track “Bounce” is perfect for those who love a dark Alice in Wonderland Halloween theme as the members are dressed perfectly as characters from the original novel enticed by Alice.

SHINee‘s hit track “Married to the Music” may not be an obvious track for Halloween but the music video is prefect as the theme of a part gone horribly wrong see the members loosing their heads and eyes as they are enticed by the music.

SunnyHill‘s track “Midnight Circus” is a prefect track for Halloween the groups music video demonstrating the members working for a travelling circus is perfect for those looking for inspiration for their next Halloween party.

Block B‘s track “Jackpot” shows off the popular circus theme as each member entices a young woman to take part in their haunting acts this colorful yet haunting music video is perfect to get you ready for your next big Halloween party.

Narsha‘s creepy music video for track “bbi ri bba bba” would be the perfect dance track to set you off on your night of Halloween adventures as the singer entices the audience into her spell.

SPEED‘s track “Zombie Party” needs no explanation as the Zombie like dance moves are perfect for you and your Kpop loving friends to learn and challenge anyone spending the night dancing to “Thriller”.

BIGBANG‘s classic track “Monster” was one of the groups only dark concept music videos but still a perfect music video for Halloween as the members individual dark and destructive concepts in an apocalyptic world leaves you in the perfect mood to put on some wigs and cat eye lenses to take on your next Halloween adventure.

TWICE‘s newly released music video for their adorable track “TT” brings a new spin to a Kpop Halloween themed music video as the members dress up as some of the most iconic characters from movies as they guide children through a haunted house.